Johnquaze Brodie
Date of Birth: 7/8/1983 - OCA Number: 493371
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All available cases for Johnquaze Brodie
Case Number Arrest Date Case Status Fees Owed Disposition Disposition Date
GS649199 09/24/2013 CLOSED $452.50 40-35-313-judgment deferred-no conviction 9/27/2013 Case Details
GS858878 06/26/2018 CLOSED $957.15 Guilty 7/13/2018 Case Details
GS878357 02/07/2019 CLOSED Nolle Prosequi 5/29/2019 Case Details
GS878358 02/07/2019 CLOSED Nolle Prosequi 5/29/2019 Case Details
GS880990 02/07/2019 CLOSED Nolle Prosequi 5/29/2019 Case Details
GS882868 03/08/2019 CLOSED Nolle Prosequi 8/7/2019 Case Details
GS905821 11/24/2019 OPEN Case Details
GS905822 11/24/2019 OPEN Case Details
GS905823 11/24/2019 OPEN Case Details
GS905824 11/24/2019 OPEN Case Details
SC1053760 08/06/2014 CLOSED $130.50 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 10/9/2014 Case Details
SCE114757 09/04/2013 CLOSED $108.68 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 9/4/2013 Case Details
SCE163125 11/26/2014 CLOSED $110.50 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 2/2/2015 Case Details
SCE171428 02/19/2015 CLOSED $110.50 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 4/17/2015 Case Details
SCE178708 04/24/2015 CLOSED $398.10 Guilty - Lesser Charge 8/5/2015 Case Details
SCE203085 12/16/2015 CLOSED $117.50 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 7/29/2016 Case Details
SCE214105 04/06/2016 CLOSED $110.50 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 6/27/2016 Case Details
SCE232304 10/19/2016 CLOSED $110.50 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 1/18/2017 Case Details
SCE250625 05/24/2017 CLOSED $212.10 Guilty 10/6/2017 Case Details
SCE274880 03/21/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE277511 05/04/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE279316 05/16/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE279519 05/16/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE279521 05/16/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE279522 05/16/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE281806 06/25/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE285527 08/27/2018 CLOSED Retired 9/20/2018 Case Details
SCE291418 11/30/2018 OPEN Case Details
SCE291422 11/30/2018 OPEN Case Details
SCE291423 11/30/2018 OPEN Case Details
SCE301942 12/16/2019 OPEN Case Details
SCE301943 12/16/2019 OPEN Case Details
SCE301944 12/16/2019 OPEN Case Details
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