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Defendant Case Number Offense Bond Amount
Allen, David Michael SC1131943 Poss.or Casual Exch. $1,000
Barefield, Jeffery J GS870298 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Bellard, Joseph GS870925 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $5,000
Boyd, Daniel D GS866530 Agg Assault - Strangulation $20,000
Boyd, Daniel D GS866531 Theft $1,000 or less $1,000
Boyd, Daniel D GS867894 Agg Assault - Strangulation $20,000
Boyd, Daniel D GS870831 Agg Assault - Strangulation $20,000
Brown, Jujuan W GS870872 Crim. Tresp.. $500
Brown, Jujuan W GS870873 Theft over $1,000 $5,000
Brown, Jujuan W GS870874 Crim. Impersonation $1,500
Burgess, Terry Alan GS301151 Sex Offender Registration Viol $1,000
Burleson, Jerald D GS774913 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $2,000
Burleson, Jerald D GS870812 Driv. Lic. Revoked $1,000
Burleson, Jerald D GS870813 Implied Consent-Civil $0
Burleson, Jerald D GS870814 DUI $1,000
Carrasco, Julian A GS871038 DUI $4,000
Carrasco, Julian A GS871039 No Driver's License $1,000
Chapman, Christopher GS870816 Public Intox. $250
Chapman, Christopher GS870817 Disorderly Conduct $750
Chapman, Christopher GS870818 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $2,000
Cook, Michelle D GS870926 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $5,000
Craddock, Trishona Gail GS871032 Res. Arr. $250
Craddock, Trishona Gail SCE279298 Revoked License, 2nd Off $1,000
Deal, Rachel M GS855357 Theft $2,500 or more $25,000
Deal, Rachel M GS858943 Crim. Impersonation $25,000
Delano, Lenny Dee GS870929 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,500
Delgado, Jose M GS865659 Interference w/911 call $2,500
Delgado, Jose M GS865660 Agg. Kidnapping $50,000
Delgado, Jose M GS865661 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $5,000
Delgado, Jose M GS870918 Poss.or Casual Exch. $500
Escarza-Medina, Juan Fernando GS870837 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Evo, Sayda GS870839 Poss.or Casual Exch. $100
Evo, Sayda GS870840 Public Intox. $100
Evo, Sayda GS870841 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Figuearoa Timal, Lester Omar GS870842 Poss.or Casual Exch. $100
Figuearoa Timal, Lester Omar GS870843 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Foxworth, Ramone R GS870954 Alt. I.D. Number $1,000
Foxworth, Ramone R GS870955 Wpn - Dang. Fel-poss.w/int. $3,000
Foxworth, Ramone R GS870956 Poss.w/int.o/.5 grams-Sch.II $5,000
Foxworth, Ramone R GS870957 Poss.or Casual Exch. $2,500
Foxworth, Ramone R GS870959 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Goode, Lashana D SCE282756 Poss.or Casual Exch. $1,000
Huddleston, Dana L GS870857 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $5,000
King, Fabian Martelli GS870285 Agg Assault - Strangulation $28,000
King, Fabian Martelli GS870309 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,000
Legendre, Markise K GS870951 Alt. I.D. Number $1,000
Legendre, Markise K GS870952 Weapon - Felon Poss $2,000
Legendre, Markise K GS870953 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $500
Legendre, Markise K GS870958 Driv. Lic. Suspended $500
Lewis, Michael E GS867528 Theft over $1,000 $5,000
Lewis, Michael E GS870777 Crim. Impersonation $2,500
Lewis, Michael E SCE283618 Revoked License, 2nd Off $2,500
Lewis, Michael E SCE287305 Failure To Be Booked (St Cit) $1,000
Lopes, Hector GS870833 Poss.Contraband in Jail $10,000
Lopes, Hector GS870834 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Lorian-Beteta, Rony GS870838 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Nur, Safiyo A GS871035 Disorderly Conduct $1,000
Nur, Safiyo A GS871036 Public Intox. $250
Perry, Timothy E GS870882 Theft $2,500 or more $5,000
Perry, Timothy E GS870883 Weapon - Felon Poss $2,500
Pope, Charles Walter GS871021 Poss.or Casual Exch. $2,500
Pope, Charles Walter GS871022 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $2,500
Porter, Deontae Martez-Edwin SCE282755 Poss.or Casual Exch. $500
Powers, Johnathan M SCE283845 No Driver's License $1,000
Pruett, Tabetha M SCE279368 Driv. Lic. Revoked $1,000
Reed, Deshawn M GS870112 Agg Assault - Strangulation $20,000
Reed, Deshawn M GS870113 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Reed, Deshawn M GS870114 Interference w/911 call $2,500
Ryals, Jeremy J GS870639 Sex Offender Registration Viol $5,000
Sharpe, Cedrick J GS870903 Agg Assault - Strangulation $10,000
Shee, Bow GS870870 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,500
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS846937 Agg Assault - Strangulation $25,000
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS846938 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS855409 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS868472 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $25,000
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS868473 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS869146 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS869753 Agg. Rob. $50,000
Simmons, Keydarius Devonte GS870660 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Taylor, Kyle Wayne GS870974 Crim. Tresp.. $500
Taylor, Terence GS867720 Crim. Tresp.. $25,000
Taylor, Terence GS867721 Public Intox. $25,000
Verge, Treyvarious Marquis GS869108 Poss.or Casual Exch. $100
Verge, Treyvarious Marquis GS869109 Misd. Evading Arrest $1,000
Verge, Treyvarious Marquis GS869110 Driv. Lic. Suspended $100
Villegas, Francisco GS870835 Weapon Und. Infl. $5,000
Villegas, Francisco GS870836 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Wayne, Caraker Cameron GS869170 Order of Protection Viol. $10,000
Wayne, Caraker Cameron GS869778 Protect. Order Viol. $1,500
Wayne, Caraker Cameron GS869779 Protect. Order Viol. $1,500
Wayne, Caraker Cameron GS869780 Protect. Order Viol. $1,500
Webb, Jerry Wayne GS870875 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $10,000
Whitson, Montavius SCE260441 Unauth.Use Mtr.Veh-Joyriding $5,000
Whitson, Montavius SCE260445 No Driver's License $2,000
Wilson, Myah D GS865568 Theft $1,000 or less $10,000
Wright, Timothy Edward GS871004 Crim. Tresp.. $150
Wright, Timothy Edward GS871005 Public Intox. $150
Zavaleta, Douglas GS870832 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Showing results for Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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