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Defendant Case Number Offense Bond Amount
Adkisson, Henry H SCE315299 Driv. Lic. Revoked
Beasley, Darryl L GS931561 Theft $1,000 or less $10,000
Bradford, Herman Ewen GS968805 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Brandenburg, Billy R GS968757 Public Intox. $100
Brandenburg, Billy R GS968758 Disorderly Conduct $500
Brandenburg, Billy R GS968760 Theft $1,000 or less $1,000
Burleson, Zanterrea GS968702 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $10,000
Burleson, Zanterrea GS968703 Vandalism $1,000 or less $2,500
Coleman, Latwan L GS967319 Esp.Agg. Rob. $500,000
Coleman, Latwan L GS967320 Weapon - Felon Poss $10,000
Conners, William Robert GS949462 Theft o/$10,000 $25,000
Conners, William Robert GS949463 Theft o/$10,000 $25,000
Conners, William Robert GS949464 Theft $2,500 or more $15,000
Conners, William Robert GS949465 Theft over $1,000 $10,000
Conners, William Robert GS968719 Driv. Lic. Revoked $1,000
Davis, Michael E GS968592 Contraband in Penal Inst. $5,000
Dowdy, Anthony D GS968819 Disorderly Conduct $1,000
Fletcher, Waymond A GS967647 Criminal Homicide $0
Fletcher, Waymond A GS967648 Criminal Homicide $0
Fletcher, Waymond A GS967649 Criminal Homicide $0
Garrett, Donald Jr GS968712 Criminal Homicide $500,000
Goodrich, William Charles GS968701 Robbery $10,000
Gothard, Amber Nicole GS968734 Crim Simulation $1,000 or less $2,500
Gothard, Amber Nicole GS968736 Crim Simulation $2,500 or more $5,000
Gothard, Amber Nicole GS968737 PCS - Meth $500
Gray, Danya Evelle GS950754 Crim. Tresp.. $25,000
Gray, Danya Evelle GS950755 Poss.or Casual Exch. $25,000
Gray, Danya Evelle GS950833 Theft $1,000 or less $25,000
Gray, Danya Evelle GS968820 Assault of Officer $2,500
Gray, Danya Evelle GS968821 Crim. Tresp.. $500
Gray, Danya Evelle GS968822 Crim. Impersonation $500
Gray, Danya Evelle GS968823 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $500
Guy Jr, Joe GS961129 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $10,000
Hammond, Thomas M SC1133801 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Hernandez, Luis E GS967361 Order of Protection Viol. $1,000
Hernandez, Luis E GS968673 Viol No Contact Order $1,500
Hernandez, Luis E GS968674 Order of Protection Viol. $2,000
Huynh, Tony Hoang GS968743 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $2,500
Huynh, Tony Hoang SCE265786 Indecent Exp. $100
Idehen, Tia E GS962245 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $2,500
Idehen, Tia E GS968683 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $5,000
Johnson, Makayla N GS968768 Theft of Firearm $1,000
Joplin, James F GS968774 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Joseph, Wynton Lionel GS968656 Identity Theft $5,000
Joseph, Wynton Lionel GS968657 Identity Theft $5,000
Joseph, Wynton Lionel GS968658 Burglary $5,000
Joseph, Wynton Lionel GS968659 Poss.or Casual Exch. $1,000
Joseph, Wynton Lionel GS968660 Forgery $1,000 or less $5,000
Joseph, Wynton Lionel GS968661 Forgery $1,000 or less $5,000
Manners, Daniel Williams GS968746 Theft $1,000 or less $2,000
Manners, Daniel Williams GS968747 Theft $2,500 or more $10,000
Manners, Daniel Williams GS968748 Theft of Firearm $5,000
Manners, Daniel Williams GS968749 Weapon - Felon Poss $10,000
Mayes, Myiesha I GS955593 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Mayes, Myiesha I GS968841 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Mayes, Myiesha I GS968842 Res. Arr. $1,500
Mayes, Myiesha I GS968843 Fugitive $150,000
Mcgill, Antonio Dejuan GS968735 Crim Simulation $1,000 or less $2,500
Mcgill, Antonio Dejuan GS968738 Crim Simulation $2,500 or more $5,000
Olson, Peter J GS968017 Protect. Order Viol. $1,000
Olson, Peter J GS968351 Protect. Order Viol. $2,000
Olson, Peter J GS968352 Protect. Order Viol. $2,000
Olson, Peter J GS968353 Protect. Order Viol. $2,000
Olson, Peter J GS968354 Protect. Order Viol. $2,000
Parrott, Jerry Clarence GS968619 Agg Assault - Strangulation $20,000
Parrott, Jerry Clarence GS968620 Child Abuse - Child 9-17 $2,500
Smith, Tony Gregory GS968654 Order of Protection Viol. $3,500
Smith, Wesley Deonta GS968125 Agg Assault - Strangulation $10,000
Smith, Wesley Deonta GS968126 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Smith, Wesley Deonta GS968127 Res. Arr. $150
Smithgall, Danielle GS968679 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $1,000
Waddey, John David GS968723 Burglary $5,000
Waddey, John David GS968724 Vandalism $1,000 or less $2,000
Waddey, John David GS968725 Burglary $5,000
Waddey, John David GS968726 Theft $2,500 or more $5,000
Waddey, John David GS968727 Theft o/$10,000 $10,000
Wright, Ashley Shannon GS966714 Sex. Exploit.Minor $15,000
Wright, Ashley Shannon GS967032 Sex. Exploit.Minor $25,000
Wright, Ashley Shannon GS967033 PCS - Meth $2,500
Wright, Ashley Shannon GS967834 Evading Arrest-Mtr.Veh/Risk $10,000
Wright, Ashley Shannon GS967835 Reck. Dr. $2,500
Wright, Pamela Ferrell GS965543 Theft $1,000 or less $1,500
Showing results for Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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