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Defendant Case Number Offense Bond Amount
Al Hameed, Samer S GS871805 Poss.w/int.o/.5 grams-Sch.II $20,000
Al Hameed, Samer S GS871807 Poss.or Casual Exch. $20,000
Al Hameed, Samer S GS895035 Agg Assault - Serious Injury $5,000
Alford, Christopher Jerome GS896568 Vio. Comm. Sup. $2,500
Barksdale, Christopher Keith SC1101128 Revoked License, 2nd Off $1,000
Bass, Jay W SU25656 Vandalism $1,000 or less
Benford, Ronald Donald GS897391 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Benford, Ronald Donald GS897392 DUI-2nd Off. $3,500
Benford, Ronald Donald GS897394 Revoked License, 2nd Off $1,500
Benford, Ronald Donald SCE296548 Driv. Lic. Revoked $10,000
Benford, Ronald Donald SCE296549 LSA $1,500 or less $10,000
Bennett, Robert Daniel GS891514 Agg. Burg. $25,000
Brantley, Katina Yvette GS880432 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Brantley, Katina Yvette GS897366 Public Intox. $500
Brantley, Katina Yvette GS897367 Assault of Officer $2,500
Brown, Jeremy D GS897221 Theft $1,000 or less $1,500
Brown, Jeremy D GS897222 Theft $2,500 or more $7,500
Brown, Jeremy D GS897223 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Butler, Gary Lamont GS894667 Agg. Kidnapping $50,000
Butler, Kendrick Lee GS895079 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $5,000
Butler, Kendrick Lee GS895080 Theft $1,000 or less $3,000
Butler, Kendrick Lee GS895081 Vandalism $1,000 or less $2,000
Dickens, Ronald Neal SCE290898 Obst. Passage $1,000
Doe, Jane GS897277 Res. Arr. $1,000
Doe, Jane GS897278 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Drinks, Darnee M GS896915 Vandalism $1,000 or less $2,000
Dupree, James K SCE298730 Theft $1,000 or less
Edmonds, Charity Clairressee GS883660 Res. Arr. $25,000
Farmer, Treondois Lavon GS897146 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $75,000
Farmer, Treondois Lavon GS897147 Weapon - Felon Poss $25,000
Fulton, Anthony W GS897265 Protect. Order Viol. $5,000
Galbraith, Britten D SC1143238 Unl. Rem. Plate Decal $10,000
Gambrell, Abram J GS895144 Agg Assault - Strangulation $25,000
Gambrell, Abram J GS895145 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $25,000
Gray, Allison Michelle GS897225 Theft $1,000 or less $1,500
Gray, Allison Michelle GS897226 Theft $10,000 or>but< $60,000 $7,500
Hawthorne, Jimmy Lee GS893597 Legend Drug Poss $25,000
Hawthorne, Jimmy Lee GS893598 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $25,000
Hawthorne, Jimmy Lee GS893599 Public Intox. $25,000
Hawthorne, Jimmy Lee GS894859 Theft $1,000 or less $10,000
Hawthorne, Jimmy Lee GS894860 Public Intox. $10,000
Hoffman, Jason P GS897184 Poss.w/int.o/.5 grams-Sch.II $50,000
Hoffman, Jason P GS897185 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Hoffman, Jason P GS897186 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Hogan, Marcus Armondo SC1099614 Driv. Lic. Revoked
Holder, Lamarim D GS895339 Crim. Tresp.. $3,000
Holder, Lamarim D GS895340 Contr. Del. of Minor $3,000
Horn, Brandi L SC1030449 Prost. $1,000
Horn, Brandi L SC1131137 Prost. $5,000
Howard, Fredie Albert GS875608 LSA- over $500 $2,500
Howard, Fredie Albert GS875609 Failure to Give Infor./Aid $500
Howard, Fredie Albert GS875610 Fail. Comply $500
Howard, Fredie Albert GS875611 Failure to File Written Report $500
Howard, Fredie Albert GS875612 Driv. Lic. Revoked $1,500
Howard, Fredie Albert GS897261 Crim. Impersonation $2,000
Howse, Tyrone N GS897200 Poss.w/int.o/.5 grams-Sch.II $20,000
Howse, Tyrone N GS897201 Driv. Lic. Suspended $1,000
Johnson, Warren Scott GS896925 Vandalism over $1,000 $5,000
Johnson, Warren Scott GS896926 Burg. $10,000
Johnson, Warren Scott GS896927 Agg. Burg. $20,000
Johnson, Warren Scott GS896928 Burg. $10,000
Jones, Paul Ray GS897173 Burg.Mtr.Veh. $10,000
Jones, Paul Ray GS897174 Vandalism $1,000 or less $3,000
Jones, Paul Ray GS897175 Poss. Burg. Tools $2,000
Jones, Paul Ray GS897176 Res. Arr. $5,000
Jones, Paul Ray GS897177 Misd. Evading Arrest $5,000
Joyner, Bobby Bland GS897334 Revoked License, 2nd Off $1,000
Joyner, Bobby Bland GS897335 DUI $2,000
Khawaf, Ayed T GS894728 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $30,000
Khawaf, Ayed T GS895851 False Impr. $2,500
Khawaf, Ayed T GS895852 Assault $2,500
Ladd, Orlando Mortez GS885348 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,000
Ladd, Orlando Mortez GS885349 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,000
Lara Rojas, Ulises J GS897410 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $500
Lee, Alicia R GS897333 DUI $2,000
Lee, Harold Sloan GS897232 Asl, Dom Off/Prov Con $1,500
Lee, Harold Sloan GS897233 Theft $1,000 or less $1,500
Lee, Samuel Thomas SC1095644 Poss.or Casual Exch.
Mccloud, James Edward GS897301 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,500
Mccloud, James Edward GS897302 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,500
Mccloud, James Edward GS897303 Assault $1,000
Mccloud, James Edward GS897304 Assault of Officer $1,000
Mckinley, Billy SC1144928 Vandalism $1,000 or less
Men, Jenny GS880577 Theft $1,000 or less $1,500
Moore, Jerry W GS897309 Public Intox. $100
Moore, Jerry W GS897310 Contr.-Non-Mot. Veh. $500
Morales, Pedro Rafael GS897273 Sex. Batt. $10,000
Morales, Pedro Rafael GS897274 Sex. Batt. $10,000
Morales, Pedro Rafael GS897275 Sex. Batt. $10,000
Morris, Shaniqua M GS895838 HIV Exp. $15,000
Murphy, Monolito Devonne SCE298979 Crim. Tresp..
Oliver, Samuel Isaiah SC1141514 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph.
Paris, Cara Nicole SCE297532 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Peebles, James D GS897323 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $1,000
Peebles, James D GS897324 Agg. Burg. $3,500
Peoples, Mack Charles GS897357 Theft $1,000 or less $2,500
Pignone, Courtney L SCE265764 Driv. Lic. Revoked $2,000
Pullens, Eric L GS896028 Sex Offender Resid/Victim Viol $1,000
Pullens, Eric L GS896029 Sex Offender Registration Viol $1,000
Pullens, Eric L GS896030 Vio. Comm. Sup. $1,000
Pullens, Eric L GS896031 Vio. Comm. Sup. $1,000
Sanders, Joe Glenn GS897468 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Sanders, Joe Glenn GS897469 Public Intox. $100
Sawyer, Jeffrey William GS897350 Public Intox. $100
Sawyer, Jeffrey William GS897351 Obst. Passage $100
Sawyer, Jeffrey William GS897352 Misd. Evading Arrest $2,500
Sawyer, Jeffrey William GS897353 Res. Arr. $1,000
Sheckles, James W GS894471 Sex Offender Registration Viol $1,500
Sheckles, James W GS894472 Vio. Comm. Sup. $1,500
Sneed, Jimmy Jesus GS897306 Disorderly Conduct $500
Sneed, Jimmy Jesus GS897307 Public Intox. $100
Stevenson, Gregory Eugene GS897465 Public Intox. $100
Stevenson, Gregory Eugene GS897466 Theft $1,000 or less $1,500
Stevenson, Gregory Eugene GS897467 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Stewart, Fred Alexander SCE281875 Driv. Lic. Revoked $1,000
Stewart, Fred Alexander SCE284260 Revoked License, 2nd Off $1,000
Studdard, Matthew Dwayne SC1131564 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Sullins, Brandon Wade SC1132688 Driv. Lic. Revoked
Talabi, Tito GS897308 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $1,000
Vaughn, Andre Pierre GS893574 Order of Protection Viol. $2,500
Vaughn, Andre Pierre GS893575 Vandalism $1,000 or less $2,500
Vaughn, Andre Pierre GS893580 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $10,000
Vaughn, Andre Pierre GS893581 Agg Assault - Strangulation $10,000
Vaughn, Andre Pierre GS893583 Agg. Burg. $10,000
Vaughn, Andre Pierre GS893584 Order of Protection Viol. $5,000
Warden, Jack Fitzgerald GS897371 Theft $1,000 or less $2,000
Whitaker, David N GS897227 Theft $1,000 or less $1,500
Whitaker, David N GS897228 Theft $10,000 or>but< $60,000 $7,500
Whitaker, David N GS897229 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Williams, Damarcus GS897427 DUI $2,000
Williams, Oliver GS897314 Crim. Tresp.. $100
Young, Ashley Joy GS897257 Asl, Dom Off/Prov Con $1,000
Showing results for Monday, August 19, 2019
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