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Defendant Case Number Offense Bond Amount
Arterburn, James Michael GS857930 Revoked License, 2nd Off $1,500
Baker, Terry Donald GS857493 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $3,000
Banks, Kenneth M GS857513 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,000
Barnes, Kevonte L GS857621 Agg Assault - Strangulation $10,000
Briagas, Heaven Leigh SC1103564 Poss.or Casual Exch. $3,000
Bronaugh, Joshua D GS857811 Res. Arr. $2,500
Bronaugh, Joshua D GS857812 Disorderly Conduct $2,500
Brown, Robert Dale GS857860 Crim. Tresp.. $1,500
Brown, Robert Dale GS857861 Public Intox. $500
Cantry, Keamorea GS814348 Interference w/911 call $5,000
Cantry, Keamorea GS814349 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $5,000
Cantry, Keamorea GS814350 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $5,000
Canty, Keamorea M GS843306 Agg. Crim. Tres. $1,000
Canty, Keamorea M GS843307 Vandalism $1,000 or less $1,000
Canty, Keamorea M GS843308 Interference w/911 call $1,000
Cerceo, Elizabeth Catherine SC1100910 Crim. Tresp.. $250
Cerceo, Elizabeth Catherine SCE264582 Theft $1,000 or less $0
Cerceo, Elizabeth Catherine SCE271175 Disorderly Conduct $2,000
Cerceo, Elizabeth Catherine SCE277470 Crim. Tresp.. $250
Cherry, Randy W SC1045466 Driv. Lic. Suspended $2,000
Cherry, Randy W SCE245606 Suspended License, 2nd Off $0
Criss, Ryan M GS857831 DUI- 3rd Off. $7,500
Dawood, Atiya GS852084 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,000
Dile, Roger Lee GS857270 Vio. Comm. Sup. $3,000
Dile, Roger Lee GS857271 Monitoring Device Viol $4,000
Dile, Roger Lee GS857272 Vio. Comm. Sup. $7,500
Donnell, Xavier M SCE278003 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Easley, Dontae M GS857541 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Easley, Dontae M GS857542 Poss.or Casual Exch. $2,500
Easley, Dontae M GS857543 Drug-Free Sch.Zone $15,000
Easley, Dontae M GS857544 Theft $1,000 or less $3,500
Easley, Dontae M GS857545 Wpn - Dang. Fel-poss.w/int. $10,000
Easley, Dontae M GS857546 Child Endangerment- Agg- 8or< $15,000
Easley, Dontae M SCE276913 Misd. Evading Arrest
Easley, Dontae M SCE276916 Poss.or Casual Exch.
Gaines, Jazz T GS857954 Driv. Lic. Suspended $1,000
Henderson, Phillipe Marquesse GS857406 Vandalism $1,000 or less $2,000
Henderson, Phillipe Marquesse GS857719 Driv. Lic. Revoked $1,500
Howard, Eurekia M GS854003 Crim. Tresp.. $2,000
Hudson, Linsey D GS857243 Agg Assault - Strangulation $10,000
Hunt, Terry D SCE248656 Theft $1,000 or less $1,000
Hunt, Terry D SCE248656 Theft $1,000 or less $1,000
Hunt, Terry D SCE248657 Assault $1,000
Hunt, Terry D SCE248657 Assault $1,000
Ical, Juan GS857891 DUI-2nd Off. $3,500
Ical, Juan GS857892 Implied Consent-Civil $0
Ical, Juan GS857893 Open Cont. $0
Ical, Juan GS857894 No Driver's License $1,500
Johnson, Robert E GS857844 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Jones, Frankie Jerome GS855892 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Kochanowski, Kimberly Kaye GS857663 Theft $1,000 or less $2,000
Ladd, Trovella Monique GS850745 Theft $1,000 or less $25,000
Lafogg, Christopher M GS834669 Agg Assault - Strangulation $10,000
Lafogg, Christopher M SCE256469 Theft $1,000 or less $25,000
Lafogg, Christopher M SCE258060 Theft $1,000 or less $25,000
Latimer, Rodney Keith GS857815 DUI $1,500
Latimer, Rodney Keith GS857816 Driv. Lic. Suspended $1,000
Mancia, Carlos Alfredo GS857622 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $7,500
Mancia, Carlos Alfredo GS857623 Agg Assault - Death $7,500
Mancia, Carlos Alfredo GS857624 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,500
Mancia, Carlos Alfredo GS857625 Vandalism over $1,000 $3,000
Mancia, Carlos Alfredo GS857662 Agg. Burg. $10,000
Mcdermott, Charles Craig SCE273343 Driv. Lic. Suspended $0
Mcgowin, Karina Nurutdinova GS857734 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $2,000
Mcgowin, Karina Nurutdinova GS857735 Assault of Officer $2,000
Mckinnon, Carl Phillip GS857704 Driv. Lic. Suspended $1,000
Mitchell, Jerome M GS857683 Driv. Lic. Suspended $500
Mitchell, Jerome M SCE264139 Driv. Lic. Suspended $25,000
Nelson, Steve Murrel GS857840 DUI-2nd Off. $3,500
Nelson, Steve Murrel GS857841 Implied Consent-Civil $0
Nelson, Steve Murrel GS857842 Indecent Exp. $1,500
Reason, William L GS857931 Fugitive $0
Reason, William L SCE195371 Theft-Merch.u/$500 $0
Ridner, Jimmy L GS857887 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Riley, Bobbie Lynn GS854667 Burg.Mtr.Veh. $2,500
Riley, Bobbie Lynn SCE279257 Theft $1,000 or less $500
Riley, Bobbie Lynn SCE279916 Theft $1,000 or less $500
Rosser, Michael L SCE276578 Crim. Tresp.. $25,000
Sandifer, Joseph Marquez SCE272303 Driv. Lic. Revoked $2,000
Serakowski, Sean D SCE280655 Crim. Tresp.. $500
Serrano-Ortiz, Doris L GS857631 Asl, Dom Bod Inju $1,500
Serrano-Ortiz, Doris L GS857632 Vandalism $1,000 or less $1,500
Shaw, Traci S GS857947 Crim. Impersonation $1,000
Shaw, Traci S SC1103491 Failure To Be Booked (St Cit) $2,000
Shaw, Traci S SCE263326 Theft $1,000 or less $4,000
Smith, Kenneth Harlod GS854478 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Smith, Kenneth Harlod GS854479 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Snyder, Brian SC1100909 Crim. Tresp.. $1,000
Snyder, Brian SC1100912 Disorderly Conduct $1,000
Tolley, Darrell GS857944 Public Intox. $500
Tolley, Darrell GS857945 Crim. Tresp.. $500
Wade, John W GS846950 Agg Assault - Deadly Weapon $10,000
Wade, John W GS857618 Theft $10,000 or>but< $60,000 $2,500
Wade, John W GS857619 Identity Theft $1,500
Wade, John W SC1105234 Poss.or Casual Exch. $25,000
Waggoner, Diana J GS857527 False Report $7,500
Walker, Johnthony K GS857615 Agg. Stat. Rape $350,000
Walton, Leroy Memphis GS857833 Crim. Impersonation $250
Walton, Leroy Memphis GS857834 Misd. Evading Arrest $500
Walton, Leroy Memphis GS857835 Obst. Passage
Washington, Mark D GS857934 Theft $1,000 or less $1,000
Washington, Mark D GS857935 Crim. Tresp.. $500
Washington, Mark D GS857936 Res. Arr. $500
Waters, Shereca M GS857738 DUI $1,000
Waters, Shereca M GS857739 No Driver's License $500
Whelchel, Robert GS857768 Public Intox. $100
Whelchel, Robert GS857769 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph. $1,000
Whitaker, Feacha G GS857747 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $1,500
White, Taurean GS856820 Asl, Dom Fear Bod Inj $1,000
White, Taurean GS856821 Theft $2,500 or more $2,000
White, Taurean GS856822 Interference w/911 call $500
Whorley, Samuel A SCE266507 Crim. Tresp.. $10,000
Williams, Percy L GS786909 Theft-Merch.u/$500 $5,000
Williams, Percy L GS857817 Theft $1,000 or less $1,000
Williams, Percy L SC1090474 Driv. Lic. Suspended $10,000
Worley, Sam SU24817 Theft $1,000 or less $10,000
Young, Brandon D SCE276065 Driv. Lic. Revoked $3,000
Showing results for Monday, June 18, 2018
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