Record Check Search Criteria: Dudley, Aaron -- D.O.B.: 4/10/1967

Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee - Criminal Court Clerk

Date of Report: 12/5/2021 8:39:16 AM


Case Details:

Name:Dudley, Aaron Date of Birth:4/10/1967
Disposition: Disposition Date:
Case Number:GS949963 Case Type:GS Offense Date:8/14/2021 Citation/Arrest Date:8/14/2021 Case Status:OPEN
Charged Offense:Asl, Dom Off/Prov Con Charge Type (F/M):MISD Amended Offense: Convicted Offense: Convicted Type(F/M):
Concurrent With: Consecutive to:

Appearance Details:

Date:12/2/2021 Judge:Robinson, Gale Court Room:Birch Bldg, Court Room 4C
Attorney: Reason:Trial


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Court Costs: $.00 Court Fines: $.00 Total Owed: $.00 Fines Special Condition:


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